english language sewing classes in Essen-Werden

Why take sewing classes ? Because sewing is a great hobby! Learning a craft and mastering your own pieces is highly rewarding. And there is the practical aspect of getting to wear all these great pieces that you always looked for and couldn´t find in a shop. Learning how to sew and improving your English language skills at the same time is even better. And because sewing is so much fun, you won´t even notice that your learning a language.

I´m offering individual sewing classes in Essen-Werden. I teach basic sewing skills to children on the sewing machine, which is a great way to get them into a fun new activity. The adult classes range from the beginner, who wants to start a new hobby, to the advanced sewers wanting to extend their skills. In addition, there are also pattern making classes.

Courses for adults are on an individual basis and can be tailored to your needs. Courses for children are set lessons, where I teach them to handle a sewing machine by making fun little projects. It´s a great way to get them into a fun new activity. Classes for adults and children are held in english.

Sewing classes are held in my studio in Essen-Werden, set in a quite street, in a relaxed atmosphere. My Studio is located only a few minutes walk away from the historic town centre, conveniently located to schools, the Folkwang-University and public transport. It is equipped with sewing machines, a large cutting table and everything else needed. Did I mention the view into the lovely garden and the espresso machine? I offer on-line courses as well. All you need is a computer or tablet with Skype that you can point clearly at your sewing machine.